Our philosophy

Idea, subject, project, these are the concepts on which Esedras philosophy turns around.

Furniture with simple lines, attention to details and finishings, particular attention to potential expression of combinations that characterize Esedra products.

Elegance, design and charm of unique products made with selected materials and skilled labour.

Flexibility, dynamism, these are Esedra philosophy's guidelines, led by young and enterprising people, with constant care in searching new proposals to win the challenges of an always wider and more combative market.

ESEDRA By Prospettive srl - Strada dei laghi 64/66 - 53035 Monteriggioni (Siena) ITALY - Tel. +39 0577 040305 - Fax +39 0577 040315 - info@esedradesign.it

Contemporary design furniture, modern furniture

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