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Studio Batoni
Fabrizio Batoni graduated in architecture at University of Florence and in 1997, together with Paola Caciorgna, established STUDIOBATONI, developing architectural plans, exhibitions staging, graphic and design.Currently the studio, together with external partners and directly cooperating with the Industrial Design Department of Florence, is active in parallel projects with firms involved in interior design, lightning, bathroom furnishings and leather goods also being in charge of some companies' art direction. 

Elisabetta Architetto Motta - Studio "E.a.m."
The studio “E.a.m.” today works both at a national level and at a international level in the planning and advising of structure for civil and industrial use with a high technological and architectural content.The work of “E.a.m.” studio arises essentially from the acquired experience of more the 10 years of work in the planning and reconstruction sector of civil buildings both private and public. The projects that come from “E.a.m.” Studio are architectural “journeys” imagined to involve the senses in a global way. Creating emotions, stimulating the interiority of the purchaser carrying him to a fascinating dimension, far away from the normal experiences.

  • BELLA/BRAVA - Maximum comfort, maximum functionality
    armchair in polyurethane foam, upholstered, swivel base chromed or lacquered.

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